Teosyal RHA 2 (2x1ml)

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Teosyal RHA 2 (2x1ml)

Buy Teosyal RHA 2 (2x1ml) Online. To begin with, it can even out more visible wrinkles that are more visible than just fine lines. RHA 2 can also be used to fill in the lips, which makes them look more attractive. Also, it makes you feel good when you look at your reflection. It also erases magical nasolabial folds as well as enhances the texture of your natural facial contours. Every expression you make with your face and every movement of your functions is supported by Teosyal RHA 2. So that you look attractive with soft and beautiful skin.

The revolutionary formula from Teoxane, based in Switzerland, works when your face is static or dynamic. The gel formula will be adapted and stretched to work with each facial expression depending on your feelings at that time. A painless treatment without swelling with anesthetic Lidocaine. What do I get in the box? 2 x 1 ml syringes.

How long will the effect last? RHA 2 is absorbed immediately, creating long-lasting effects.

What are the benefits of Teosyal RHA 2? Teosyal RHA 2 is recommended for: Treatment of nasolabial folds Minimizes more visible lines and wrinkles on the face, neck. Plump up the lip volume. Restructure facial contour


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