Synvisc One (1x6ml)

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Synvisc One (1x6ml)

Buy Synvisc One (1x6ml) Online. It is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, viscoelastic fluid, which contains glances. Gilanes are derivatives of hyaluronic acid sodium salt and consist of repeating disaccharide units of N-acetylglucosamine and sodium glucuronate.

Consists of a biological analog of hyaluronan. Moreover, this is a component of the synovial fluid, which, in turn, provides its viscoelastic properties. However, the mechanical properties of SYNVISC ONE are superior to those of synovial fluid and hyaluronan solutions at comparable concentrations.

Furthermore, Gilanes are excreted from the body in the same way as hyaluronan. Therefore,  the products of its decomposition are not toxic.

It is intended only for intraarticular injection by a physician for the treatment of pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

Lastly, Synvisc one  has such peculiarities of its appliance:

  •  temporarily replaces and replenishes synovial fluid
  • it is effective regarding patients at all stages of development of pathology of the knee joint
  • it is most effective in cases of active and regular loading on the affected knee
  • the therapeutic effect is achieved by “restoring the viscosity”, thereby restoring the physiological and rheological properties of the tissues of the affected arthritis joint.


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