Stylage XXL (2 x 1ml)

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Stylage XXL (2 x 1ml)

Buy Stylage XXL (2 x 1ml) Online. It is an injectable hyaluronic acid volumizer specifically designed to restore lost facial volume. By restoring facial volume, Stylage XXL provides a more harmonious balance to the facial features by recontouring the cheeks, cheekbones, chin, and jawline for a fuller, softer, more youthful appearance.

Stylage XXL is designed to treat mature skin that shows signs of sagging and facial hollows. Use Stylage XXL in the subcutaneous tissue.

The pack consists of:

2 x 1ml syringes

1 x 25G 40 mm cannula

2 x 27G & 1 x 23G needle

21 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid


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