Profhilo Haenkenium

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Profhilo Haenkenium

Profhilo Haenkenium. The product combines hyaluronic acid (HA) complex with salvia haenkei patented extract, Haenkenium, which aims to provide an antioxidant effect, protect the skin from premature ageing, contrast photo ageing, restore barrier function and skin hydration and alleviate skin irritation.

Profhilo treatment is an extremely effective non-surgical face and skin treatment. Profhilo counteracts skin laxity through a remodeling action of collagen and elastin fibers on the dermal matrix. In addition, it reduces wrinkles, crepiness, increases skin firmness, radiance, hydration, and elasticity of the skin. However, according to IBSA Italia, it combines two different molecular weights. The high molecular weight HA creating a protective effect and the low molecular weight contributing to optimal skin hydration.  The salvia haenkei, also known as prawn sage, helps to provide protection from free radicals, the company claims. IBSA Italia also states that the product is suitable for use after aesthetic treatments including bio remodeling, dermal fillers, and peels, and can be incorporated into a patient’s everyday skincare routine.




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