Juvederm Volift with Lidocaine (2x1ml)

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Juvederm Volift with Lidocaine (2x1ml)

Buy Juvederm Volift with Lidocaine (2x1ml) Online. It is designed to treat medium to deep skin depressions caused by aging. It is also very effective in restoring facial volume and contour. Some facial areas that respond well to this product are nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

What is it made up of?

Juvederm Volite with Lidocaine is made of hyaluronic acid molecules derived from the fermentation of Streptococci bacterial cultures. Following extraction, the molecules are purified and reticulated with each other via proprietary Vycross Technology. Lidocaine has also been integrated to deliver a comfortable pain-free treatment experience to patients.

How long does the injection last?

According to the manufacturer, Juvederm Volite with Lidocaine is able to improve skin quality in terms of hydration, elasticity, and smoothness for up to 6 to 9 months.

What is it used for?

Of all the fillers in the Vycross collection, Juvederm Volite with Lidocaine has the lowest concentration of hyaluronic acid, which makes it perfect for correcting superficial lines and for rejuvenating the skin’s elasticity.

It also works amazingly for replenishing hydration in dehydrated skin for a plump and rejuvenated appearance. Just a single treatment session is adequate to deliver a healthy-looking glow to exhausted skin. Use this filler to treat the face, decollete and neck, and backs of the hands.



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