Buy PermaIce Lite (Was Eos Ice) Online

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Buy PermaIce Lite (Was Eos Ice) Online

Buy PermaIce Lite (Was Eos Ice) Online. Latest triband diode laser with ultralight handpiece 375g.

Large treatment head 25mm x 15mm

Enhanced cooling

The laser used an American diode with tri-cluster technology. This PermaIce Lite will provide the benefit of 3 wavelengths in one handpiece. The energy is delivered simultaneously to the skin targeting different structures within the hair follicle.

The 3 main target areas are the Bulge, Bulb, and Papilla.

808nm diode reaches the dermal papilla

Alexandrite 755nm targets the bulge

1064nm is the deepest penetration wavelength targeting the bulb and papilla.

By uses, all 3 wavelengths with the correct pulse duraturation thermal damage occur damaging and killing hair follicle whilst leaving the skin unaffected. By providing the correct energy density it ensures energy output is strong enough and long enough to damage the target tissue. The use of epidermal protection in the form of cooling ensures the protection of the patient during the treatment.


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