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Buy Estilad® Volume Online

Buy Estilad® Volume Online. It is a soft tissue restorative agent and filler. However,  it is primarily used in injecting into the deep dermis and superficial layer of the subcutaneous tissue on the face. Moreover, this is to remove facial wrinkles.

Also, adjust facial contours, or increase the volume of the lips. Estilad® Volume can be useful in the correction of congenital eyelid malposition. This includes eyelid retraction, ectropion, epiblepharon, and abnormalities associated with a shallow orbit. Furthermore, by injecting  Estilad® Volume in the pretarsal and/or septal regions of the affected eyelid.

For instant, with Estilad® Volume, highly purified sodium hyaluronate is crosslinked, its long-chain molecules form a coiled 3-D hydrophilic matrix network configuration which allows nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to pass through freely, so as to protect the regular physiological functions of the tissue.

low risk of infection, extrusion, migration, or granulomatous formation.
consistently creates natural filling of lines and/or augmentation of facial contours with reproducible results.
Cost efficiency:
the treatment has minimal downtime and an expense inverse to the duration.
the treatment is geared to the needs and demands of the cosmetic patient, with minimized discomfort and recovery with a high level of patient comfort and satisfaction with the result.

The package consists of:
1 ml and 2 needles 27 G
1 sterile pre-filled syringe of 1 ml


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