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Buy AQUALYX online. Aqualyx is an injectable compound made from the deoxycholate family of acids. The product may also be called Motolese’s Solution, named for the professor that introduced the drug. In addition, the acids present in Aqualyx cause fat destruction in the body. Also, plastic surgeons use Aqualyx for body contouring.

Secondly, Aqualyx® is an aqueous compound solution, with slow-release sugar that reduces the biological half-life of the solution, minimizing side effects.


polymer from 3, 6-Anhydro-L-Galactose and D-Galactose (0.5%), buffer systems (4.2%), sodium salt of (3α, 5α, 12α) – 3, 12-dihydroxy-5-cholan-24-acid (7.5%). Water for injection purposes (87%) and sodium chloride (0.8%).

Results After the session, the patient may immediately return to their daily routine.

The package comes with:

10 Vials of 8 ml



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