Astanza Duality Q-switched laser

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Astanza Duality Q-switched laser

Buy Astanza Duality Q-switched laser Online. A leading laser tattoo removal device. Minimally used in a high-standard clinical environment with a low lamp count. Extremely popular all over the world and available at an exceptional price.

Purchase includes:

  • 3 hand-pieces (all with low shot count)
  • Activation pedal
  • System Manual

It will not remain available for long at this price so interested parties are advised to contact ASAP

Age:     1 year

Condition:     Minimal usage

Powerful Nd: YAG Laser for Tattoo Removal and Pigmented Lesions
The Astanza Duality is a workhorse for aesthetic practitioners that demand high performance, reliability, and results.

With an ultra-short pulse duration (6000 picoseconds), high peak power, and essential wavelengths for versatility on colors, the Duality removes tattoos faster with better results.

The Duality gives practitioners the power and reliability to perform countless profitable procedures with confidence. This dual-wavelength laser is versatile, powerful, and competitively priced.


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