Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid have been used for more than 20 years and they have become immensely popular. The established safety and the natural result that is achievable today are some of the motivators for people all over the world to have a filler treatment.

If you have not had a filler injection before, some of the  FAQ  questions and concerns you may like to know at Megafillers.com are as follows: “What results can I expect?” “Can I order from you?” “Is it possible for someone to place an order on my behalf?” “Why should I buy from Megafillers.com?” Here are some of the things to know about dermal fillers that may help you decide if this is something for you.

Why Should I Buy From Megafillers.com?

Ordering from Megafillers.com ensures that you received the lowest price for genuine brand products. You can check on our account area which provides you with a better overview of your personal details, payments option, order history, and tracking information. We also have a reorder button on the account page, which makes repeat orders convenient and quick to process.

Can I Order From You?

Yes, you can order from us as an individual or cooperation.

Is It Possible For Someone To Place An Order On My Behalf?

No, we don’t accept such transactions because your package could got missing during transit, and tracing it could be difficult and time-consuming. So you have to place your order with your details information to ease our processing and transit.

How Do I Know This Is The Right Product For Me?

Customers can check on our review page to see products that were bought from us. You may refer to testimonials as provided by other license Doctors and medical aestheticians to help you chose.

Are The Products Offered On Your Website Genuine And How Do I Know?

All products offered at Megafillers.com are genuine and original items. Each product shipped comes in a manufacturer’s packaging and well sealed. Please check the integrity of the packaging upon arrival.

Is There Pain or discomfort under and after treatment?

When a dermal filler is injected you may experience some pain, but most patients describe the pain as mild. Today, most fillers contain lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, which takes away most of the discomfort. The injection point might become a little red and it might bleed a little bit when the filler is injected.

Do I Need An Account To Place An Order?

Our system is free for you to place an order with us with/without an account.

What If I Change Details On My Account?

If you change any details on your already approved account we will update your details and returned them with a confirmation email.

I Have Forgotten My Password, What Should I Do?

In this case, please contact customer service. Note, you can only have one account per customer.

Can I Cancel Products On My  Order?

When an order is already processed, you cannot cancel any product on that order, except Megafillers.com is unable to dispatch the products within 6 working days. In this case, you will be notified and have the choice to cancel the order.

Can I Add Products To My Existing Order.?

Yes, it is possible you can add if you wish to.

What Methods Of Payments  Are Acceptable?

We accept MoneyGram, Western Union, Crypto Currency, and Bank transfer.

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